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Everyday thousands of people are injured in automobile accidents.  In Texas in 2014 there were 476,875 automobile accidents, 3,193 of those automobile accidents were fatal. Automobile accidents are typically caused by the negligence of another driver. Negligence is basically defined as someone failing to use due care or acting recklessly. Texas law allows a person to bring an action based on the negligent conduct of another.

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Why hire an experienced personal injury lawyer?

Without the representation of a personal injury lawyer most people are low balled and given the run around by insurance companies.  Our firm is well versed in all aspects of personal injury law and has been representing injury victims for more than 40 years collecting millions. Hiring  an experienced personal injury lawyer typically results in a higher settlement or jury award for your case.

Who can I sue if I am hurt in a car accident?

Generally speaking you can sue the negligent party. (i.e. the person who caused the accident) Most people only think of a automobile accident in the terms of two vehicles that collide into each other, in which case you can sue the negligent driver that caused the accident. However some people do not realize that if you are injured as a passenger in a one vehicle accident you may have a cause of action for negligence against the driver of the vehicle.

What damages can I recover from a car accident?

The damages in a car accident are broken down into two broad categories. 1) Economic damages are available against a negligent party for the out of pocket expenses that were incurred by an injury victim, such as medical bills and lost wages. 2) Non-economic damages compensate an injury victim for their pain and suffering that resulted from the accident.


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